Tips on starting a new business

September 9, 2010

Great tips from the Harvard Business Review blog.

I completely agree with the last tip:

Pick a company name based on URL availability. A superb name that has no matching and natural URL is a wasted opportunity, and a suboptimal URL match is a tough and unnecessary corporate identity hurdle. Avoid the problem by guiding yourself with the free URLs that you can find or the squatted ones you can afford.

Most people think of a company name, then look for the domain name afterwards. Its a great tip to look at domain names while you are thinking of company names. And if you see one that you might use, go ahead and register it anyway before it gets purchased by someone else.

If you can, get a domain name that consists of natural, normally spelled words. Don’t be cute with your domain name unless its part of your brand.

We also recommend that you get a .com domain name. We think that a .com is more professional than a .net, .co or .info and is easier to remember.

Finally, watch out for words being stuck together and creating new meanings! The company Experts Exchange uses the domain name because can be read to mean something else entirely.

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